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Soundtrack | Empire: Total War | Richard Beddow, Richard Birdsall, Walter Nair, Simon Ravn (2009)

01. Empire Theme
02. The First Encounter
03. The Road To Independence
04. 1775 Bunker Hill Deployment
05. 1775 Battle At Bunker Hill
06. The Price Of Freedom
07. The Threat Of War
08. The Powhaten Attack
09. Boarders Redrawn
10. Opechancanough’s Revenge
11. The Death Of General Braddock
12. The British Plan Their Attack
13. The Battle Of Quebec
14. Plotting The Rebellion
15. The Colonials Plan For Battle
16. The War Of Independence
17. The Declaration
18. The American Dream
19. Uncharted Waters
20. The Pirates Attack
21. Planning The Azov Offensive
22. The Battle of Azov
23. A Storm Brews In The Desert
24. The Battle Of Bakhchisaray
25. Preparation For War
26. The Battle Of Panipat
27. Rebuild The Defences
28. Panipat - The Final Strike
29. Sailing Into The Storm
30. The Fleets Last Stand
31. Victory
32. Empire Credits

Bitrate: VBRKbps
Size: 112Mb

Download soundtrack | Скачать саундтрек
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