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gamemusicfans's Journal

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Video Game Music Fans
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This is a community for people to discuss all things regarding video game music. You can ask questions, post the latest news regarding OSV releases, trade links for good game music sites, or just chat about why you like a certain composer/soundtrack!

While originally created with the intent of focusing primarily on Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Yasunori Mitsuda's (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears) music, this community welcomes posts about any videogame composer or videogame music.

Relevant links:
CD Japan
Anime Castle's game music section
AnimeNation's music CD section
Soundtrack Central Marketplace Forum

Daryl's Library - Final Fantasy CDs (Track list romanizations and translations)
Soundtrack Central (Soundtrack reviews)
The Opera House (Lyrics)
The RPGamers Network (General info, Soundtrack reviews, Lyrics)
Game Music Revolution (Release dates, Title database)
NES Music Authors List (Game/Composer list)
The Falcom Discography (Track lists)
Chudah's Corner (Track lists, Cover art)

Videogame Music Archive (MIDI music)
VGMix (Arrangements)
Overclocked Remix (Arrangements)
Zophar's Domain (Game audio data, i.e. SPCs, NSFs)
SNESmusic.org (SPCs)
Galbadia Hotel (MP3, MIDI, sheet music)

Do you know of a useful website that should be listed here? Let us know.

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